Compassion21's ministry to the incarcerated was started in 2006 and organized as "The Least: A Ministry of Compassion." In 2014, the two ministries merged and Compassion21 began its efforts to reach the men who had fallen through the cracks of the inner cities and were incarcerated. 

The main focus of this ministry is maintaining the Chaplaincy at Red Eagle Work Center, a minimum security prison located just a few miles from Compassion21's offices. Ministry to the Incarcerated also develops and conducts ongoing workshops and small-group programs in all of the prisons of central Alabama. 

Chap Noles has over 25 years experience in ministry to the incarcerated, the addicted, and those in transition. His passion is to help men become successful not only in their walk with Christ, but in every area of life. He is quick to express that he doesn't "fix" people or "straighten people out," but with willingness on the part of the participants, Chap challenges these men to grow into the men that God intended them to be.