"Even though I started with a God-given desire to help a child who needed guidance and love, I quickly found out that God had given me the opportunity to learn more than the girls I mentor. Mentoring has been the most rewarding service I have ever entered into. I have grown to love the girls I mentor and cherish the time we have together. Even when my schedule is crowded and I find I have too much to do, I always come away after our visits feeling happier and more fulfilled." – Lisa Garrett


C21 Mentors is a member agency of Mentor Alabama, a state partner of The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR). C21 Mentors follows the guidelines described in Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™. The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ is the cornerstone of MENTOR’s programmatic efforts, developed and disseminated to ensure that as the quantity of mentoring grows, quality remains front and center. First published in 1991, theElements are widely accepted as the national and global standards for quality youth mentoring.

In order to qualify as a youth mentor with C21 Mentors, an applicant must first pass a background check administered by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. The background check is based on files obtained  from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

Prior to matching an approved mentor, C21 Mentors provides orientation and training based upon Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™.

Our Vision: We seek to provide young people living in challenging environments trusting relationships with adult role models in an effort to affect positive futures.

Compassion21 matches children ages 8-18 with Christian adults who commit to mentor to them for a minimum of one year. The young people to be mentored come from those who participate in the programs in Compassion21.

The children have various needs; some are in danger of making very destructive choices in their lives, some are in danger of losing hope due to bad experiences, many are simply in danger of wasting incredible potential because they do not know how to set goals and develop plans to achieve those goals. In every case, we at Compassion21 believe that the best way to help these children is by one-on-one interaction with Christian adults who are willing to share some of their wisdom and experience in these areas, along with provide relationships that build trust and foster confidence. Through these mentoring relationships, we hope to share the compassion of Christ with our community in a way that will develop future leaders who will be able to continue these goals in our community and beyond.

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