The Perfect Storm

God has taken the perfect storm and turned it into a giant wave that has brought us deeper into the communities that we serve. At first, the Montgomery Housing Authority’s new direction of closing down communities where we serve as well as the current economic situation looked like the perfect storm that would greatly hamper our work.  However, God had something better in store for us.

As one door closed, another opened. The housing authority offered us the use of their community centers free of charge. This allows us to move some of our Learning Centers from area church buildings, which required a major transportation program, to operating Learning Centers in the low income areas of our city. This has opened the door for community based Day Camps, Reading Camps, Bible Schools and various needs based seminars for adults.
This new wave is going to allow us to open CPR gatherings in every community. CPR stands for the Compassion of Christ, Prayer and Renewal gatherings. Imagine what is going to happen when we establish small groups of God’s People in each of our poverty stricken areas that become known as a gathering where the compassion of Christ is lived out, the community is being prayed for and spiritual renewal is being offered. Only God can take the perfect storm and turn it into a giant wave that expands His Kingdom.

"A Lack of Manpower, Talent and Financial Resources hinders us from taking the Areas of Poverty in our City using the current Church Growth Model we have in place that is based on transportation. We must start looking at what we have instead of what we don’t have and use what God has given us."

Characteristics of a CPR Gathering

•    These gatherings will be in the community in which the people live. You bring Christians to the community instead of the community to the church buildings.
•    Christians involved in these gatherings will be encouraged to be Christ’s Ambassadors to the community they serve.
•    The insignificant yeast has much to teach us about the inner workings of God’s Kingdom (Mt 13:33). These gatherings will stand as a constant presence of God’s Kingdom in that community and will be challenged to permeate that community.
•    These gatherings will meet in store fronts, community centers, restaurants, public places or houses. •    These gatherings will be no larger than 20 or 30 people, sometimes smaller.
•    Gatherings will be challenged to start other gatherings.
•    People and the process of making disciples for Jesus takes priority over the program


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